Friday, January 23, 2009


I had a little purple owl fabric left over from my previous project and so I made another bag. (You can't have too many, right?)

Well, maybe you can. I might send this one off to someone ...

And the inside. Too exciting, I know. I was going to put in a ZIPPERED POCKET (my new favorite thing to sew) but then I remembered - I need a ZIPPER to sew into the ZIPPERED POCKET. Oops. A quick look confirmed my worse fear - the bright red 22 inch zipper, the only one in my stash, would NOT do. Oh well.

This simple bag pattern from SewBaby! is one of my favorite to make. In addition to being fool proof, the pattern is called "Double Duty Bag".

Did any of you see the "Scrubs" where JD and Turk crack up every time someone says "duty" because it sounds like "doody"? We did. As a result, we all crack up too. Especially Ben and me. And Sari. Daniel too. I am sure that the ward chorister was NOT impressed with the Sant Family the last time we sang, "Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel".

It is EXTRA funny to us because Joseph sings while he is using the bathroom so "do your duty with a heart full of song" makes us all about fall on the floor laughing.

So mature, I know.


  1. Ok miss domesticated goddess! I LOVE this purse!! You so need to make me a couple! I have been asking for awhile now! :) I know you are busy totally kidding!
    I love the song sung in the bathroom that is classic!

  2. I love your handbags--you really need to open an Etsy shop! I would totally buy you out:) Brooke has absconded with the one you made me, and uses it for a schoolbag, as it is the perfect size AND is much prettier than anything out there.

    I also love your sense of humor, and can just picture the whole "duty" thing in church!

  3. Way cute bag!! I love bags and as a result of my fetish it has rubbed off on all 3 of my girls. Not one, not two, but all 3!!! Their father is not at all too pleased, but it is better than collecting something bigger or messier or really useless.
    I wish I sewed, of course then I would have more bags to fill my closet with.

  4. Well your mother and I (I just showed her all of your posts back to 4 Jan 09) got a laugh out of the song (truly a Hathaway sense of humor--remember the dinner table conversations). We were really impressed with the bags (well really your mother was REALLY and I was just OK). We do appreciate your talent, both with the word and with the bag.

    Love you.

    Mom and Dad

  5. First of your dad is funny. He was only O.K. not impressed like your mom. ha ha
    Dooties so funny. I love scrubs. Plus that double duty bag would come in handy for people who walk their dogs around here and carry their dogs dooties in a bag.

  6. you totally did your duty on that bag. We should all do our doody with a heart full of song. Thanks, Joseph!

  7. I crack up about the "duty" thing too, but because of Friends episode when Chandler is trying to make a good impression on a job interview, so Phoebe coaches me.

    By the way, I hope this doesn't come off as bratty because I don't mean it that way, but your font is a little hard to read, but it's still okay; however the links are REALLY hard to read. I think the gray on the red isn't dark enough. But maybe it's just me--maybe I have wonky eyes (which I do).

  8. Phoebe coaches me? What was that about? I'm tempted to delete that post because I made so many stupid mistakes, but I'll let it stand and everyone can know I'm a stupid.

  9. I'm having so much fun catching up on your posts, dreaming of owning one of your beautiful purses/bags, and avoiding listening to a class lecture online (I'd much rather be laughing about "duty" at church than taking notes about strategic plans and grant proposals)...