Tuesday, November 9, 2010


You know that I have a cup (LARGE) of hot chocolate every morning, right?  With whole wheat toast and peanut butter or a whole wheat english muffin?
EVERY single morning.

So, have you seen the mug rugs EVERYWHERE in blog land?
I had a bunch of CUTE fall scraps from a failed project last year and when I saw these I knew what to do!  First, I just made one for Rachel. Then, I admit, I got a little carried away and started thinking of people who would also enjoy one.

Perfect size for a mug and a muffin or cookie (or three).
Mine are about 6"x9".  I think I'm in love.

I HATE hand binding.  I am so over that.  I am not doing it again!  (But I did watch the whole season of Sister Wives while doing it.)  I'm going back to the cheater way of machine binding.  SO much easier on the fingertips!