Friday, September 9, 2011


I like to stalk the blog Maybe Matilda.  (I also want to get my hair all chopped again - like hers - when I have the time to get it trimmed every month, because seriously, the short hair requires CONSTANT upkeep!).  Anyway, she has cute stuff.

She is having a Crochet Along and I haven't crocheted in forever so I thought I'd join.  I made the timeout cowl the next day.  It goes up very quickly and I love the tealishy-green color of it!  I twisted it into an infinity scarf.  All of the info is at her blog (along with a TON of other cute things) so go check it out!

I thought about sending it to my daughter who lives where it gets cold to use but my youngest son wears it as a turban-star-wars-weapon-holder, a splint for a faux broken arm, and as a restraint-like burrito wrap and so maybe I'll just keep it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, I don't think I'm going to be a wife.  I'm definitely counted as a mistress, though!

Here's what I have in numerical order:
FWQA block #1 Attic Windows

FWQA block #2 Autumn Tints

FWQA block #4 Basket Weave

FWQA block #5 Bat Wing

FWQA block #6 Big Dipper

FWQA block #7 Birds in the Air

FWQA block #8 Bouquet

FWQA block #9 Box

FWQA block #10 Bowtie

FWQA block #11 Broken Dishes
FWQA Block #13 Buckwheat

FWQA block #14 Butterfly at the Crossroads

FWQA block #15 - Buzzard's  Roost.  This is a redo.  My first one was an EPIC FAIL:
Told you! Yuck!

FWQA block #16 Calico Puzzle

FWQA block #17 Cats and Mice EPIC FAIL - Clearly.  I spent about 17 hours and 4 days on this sucker.  I hate it too much to just destroy it.  I want it to suffer.

FWQA block #18 Century of Progress

FWQA block #19 Checkerboard

FWQA block #20 Churn Dash

FWQA block #21 Contrary Wife

FWQA block # 23 Country Farm

FWQA block #25 Cups and Saucers  EPIC FAIL.  Two days and a bottle of Tums later.  I need to remake this one for sure!

FWQA block #28 Duck and Ducklings

FWQA block #29 Economy.  I was so economic that I made two.  Duh!

FWQA block #29 Economy

FWQA block #30 End of Day

FWQA block #31 Evening Star

FWQA block # 33 Farmer's Puzzle

FWQA block #34 Flock

FWQA block #39 Friendship

FWQA block #40 Friendship Block

FWQA block #44 Gentleman's Fancy - and I completely fancied making this one.  It just sewed up all perfect the first time.  Took less than 20 minutes.

FWQA block #46 Hill and Valley

FWQA block #47 Homemaker - grief and I think it's ugly

FWQA block #49 Honeycomb

FWQA block #53 - Jackknife

FWQA block #54 Woodshed

FWQA block #54 Kitchen Woodbox

FWQA block #55 Linoleum

FWQA #56 Maple Leaf

FWQA block #58 Mother's Dream

FWQA #59 Night and Day

FWQA block # 60 Noon and Light

FWQA block #61 Northern Lights

FWQA block #63 Ozark Maple Leaf

FWQA block # 64 Peace and Plenty

FWQA block #66 Periwinkle

FWQA block #69 Practical Orchard

FWQA #71 Puss In the Corner

FWQA block #73 Rainbow Flowers (can you see the total screw up?  I built a bridge and am over it.)

FWQA block #74 Ribbons

FWQA block #76 Sawtooth

FWQA block #77 Seasons

FWQA block #78 Shooting Star

FWQA block #80 Single Wedding Star

FWQA block #81 Snowball

FWQA block # 83 Spider Web

FWQA block #84 Spool

FWQA block #90 Storm Signal

FWQA block #97 Waste Not

FWQA block #103 Whirlwind

FWQA block #108 Windmill

FWQA block #109 Windows

Basically, if I didn't want to do the block, I skipped it.  I won't do a block that has hand applique because I know I am TERRIBLE at that!  Really, really, REALLY bad and I don't want to suffer or waste fabric.

I have about 62, I think.  With a few repeats and a couple I need to remake.  I think that will make a nice size lap quilt and I can be done with it.