Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

While I was visiting Elizabeth she told me about these quilts she had seen.  And I was intrigued because I bought a jelly roll on impulse that I later regretted (I like the fabric, but hey, it's expensive!) and so it would be a great way to put it to good use with minimum risk.  Turns out, it might be one of my favorite quilts.  It will be super easy to quilt, too, because all I have to do is follow the line.

Basically, you take a jelly roll and sew all the short ends together to make one SUPER LONG (44" x 40) strip.  You cut off 18" on one end.  Fold it together and start sewing down one long side.  When you get to the fold, cut it and finish the seam.  Now you have two really long strips.  Sew them together again and cut at the end.  Now you have four pretty long strips.  Repeat two or three more times, I can't remember but you'll be able to tell.

The longest part of sewing this quilt was refilling the bobbins.  For real.  It's that fast.

Oh, and I found this tutorial, if you'd rather.  It's here.  I really liked how she sewed her strips together on the diagonal but I was worried about not sewing all my lines in the same direction and then it would be a mess.

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