Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am desperately trying to finish up some promised crafties before we leave to Utard (or Yucktah - as I call it in the summer because it is sooo hot.)

Here is an apron for Rayleen. She has never had one! Poor girl. I loved the cheery red and white polka dots and I hope she does too. (Larry said it looks like Minnie Mouse. I hope that Rayleen doesn't think so.)

When Rachel models an apron, it looks a lot better! This is for Teilani.

I love this little fairy peeking out of her mushroom:

Here is her full body shot. The mushroom is also a purse. I am making a tree with a squirrel and then a tower with Rapunzel, too. The possibilities are endless. This was supposed to go to Jean but she is leaving on Monday and I haven't mailed it yet, so we will see...

I am so addicted to making these. I just LOVE these burpies and they are headed for a knocked up chick in Reno who could use a little cheering up and cooling off, I can only help in one of those areas. I love the owl fabric. It looks very Japanese to me!

Now if I can just get to the Post Office to mail all this (and more!) I will be in good shape!

Friday, July 4, 2008


This year I wrapped miniature candy bars in these wrappers I got for free from Lettering Delights. It was super fast and easy. I am going to do it more often!