Friday, December 7, 2007


This week Larry had a work related function at another office. This office does a Christmas gift thing where everyone brings in a homemade ornament, and then they have a silent auction and all the proceeds go to the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. Kind of a good idea. So, I spent Tuesday searching for ornament ideas that weren't dumb or made with pipe cleaners (those never look as good as the pictures!). Finally I made this one (pictured below) and a Swedish heart out of similar paper. We put some Dove chocolates in the Swedish heart and a note that explained them (thanks mom, for teaching me about these). To my UTTER shock the Swedish heart won the best in show award! (Trying and failing to think of the quote from a Christmas Story where the dad wins a very special award and it is the leg lamp - Utah, what is it?????) I thought this ball was cooler, but it just shows, chocolate makes everything better
That's right, TWENTY little circles all cut and folded just so and glued together. Just call me Martha. Martha Molly Mormon Stewart No Insider Trading Thank You. I thought hanging it on a wire with beads at both ends was a great touch. If I had had more time, I would have sprayed it with glitter spray.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Yes, there is another man in my life. That man would be Donny Osmond, whom I have loved since I was about ... well ... six years old! Let's evaluate his possible influence on my life:

A- Purple has been my favorite color my WHOLE life!
B- Three of my four serious boyfriends had dark, wavy hair. (Although it is straight in the above picture, it was wavy during my formative years.)
C- All four serious boyfriends could sing.
D- Larry, the fourth serious boyfriend (and winner of my heart)- has curly brown hair, a fabulous voice, AND he can dance!

Today I broke a rule of mine and watched "Oprah" because, well, my first favorite boy band was on. Who can't love the Osmonds? I don't want to know if you can't.

On the Oprah show, the Osmonds were very sweet. They bore their testimonies about eternal life and eternal families. They were sweet and supportive to each other. The tributes they paid to their mother and father were so sweet. When Marie said that she wished her parents could raise every young man in the world, that she has great brothers, I was nearly teary. They danced (they can still move in unison!) and they sang and it was just a great, feel good show! I was so glad that I watched in instead of taking a nap.

I thought (again) how it is so ironic that this "tragedy" that two deaf sons is the blessing that started the Osmonds on the road to stardom. Of course, none of them are perfect, but it didn't come off that way.

Then, as icing on my cake, they ended the show with their trademark song, "May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day ..." I seriously did get teary.

Memories - sitting in the yellow beanbag chair in the Holbrook house, watching the show with all my siblings. Acting the show out afterwards. Using the yellow and orange string lights as spotlights. I totally wanted to be able to rollerskate like they did. I could go on and on but Rachel wants to post her tribute on Facebook :) - successful parenting!! She loves Donny, too!

For my birthday two years ago, Sari, me, Rachel, and Utah saw DONNY in Concert in Spokane. Oh my gosh!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!! He can totally dance for a grandpa, for anyone for that matter! It was a great night! We made the shirts just for the concert and EVERYONE loved them. I should have brought more and sold them on the side, I would have made a fortune. (That might have been illegal?)

HAPPINESS only $3!

I just loved the Neopolitian colors (plus green) in this yarn and at $2.38 I just had to buy it (and one with varying colors of blue and brown). To my surprise, the skein made more than three hats! Who knew there could be such happiness for less than three dollars?
The hats found happy homes! Foreigner, Sari, and Journey.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Our Jedis. Matthew was Obi-wan Kenobi and Joseph was Mace Windu. I decided not to make him a bald black man. Very few people are that familar with Star Wars. Although, I did make sure to sew their bootcovers true to the characters. Joseph is very excited to send his first Obi-Wan costume to Dallin.

Monday, October 8, 2007

For Kye

Kye is one of my dear, dear, DEAR friends, a bosom friend, if you are an Anne of Green Gables fan. She wanted to see pictures of Rachel's Homecoming dress that I am sewing. Since I hate our email and it doesn't work very well, I thought I would put some pictures on here for her. Then, I thought, well, maybe I will leave them on for others to see. If you are here; you are getting a sneak peak at Rachel's Homecoming dress that I am sewing - above - and her Prom dress that I sewed in the spring.
In the Spring, Rachel went to Prom in Utah with her cute, hottie cousin, Logan. They are the same age and so they couldn't date but they had a great time with each other. I made this dress for Rachel. It was really fun to sew it! More impressive is that Teilani's neighbor actually got Rachel's hair to curl and stay curled and put up in that beautiful do. That is something that I don't know how we will EVER recreate it. Rachel and Logan had a great time. I am glad it worked out to go. They are good friends.