Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is crunch week. The week before the Luau is always crazy and I thought I was out of trouble this year because Kuulei said everyone could recycle their costumes.
Except they couldn't. Turns out girls (and women) grow.
Yesterday I had to sew three dresses and two sashes, AND paint Rachel's skirt. I stayed up until 2:30 on Tuesday night, then got up at 07:00 on Wednesday (yesterday) and sewed all day.

This is how I painted the fabric for Rachel's skirt. These squares are eight inches and I painted THIRTY of them!!! That is SIX YARDS! Now I have to wait for it to cure and then sew it into a skirt that looks somthing like this: and I have to sew Rachel a sash too.

Three dresses that I had to make this week are like these orange and red ones (top for the orange, bottom for the red behind Rachel). They all have to be fitted to the person wearing them. They take just about 4 - 5 hours to sew. The other one was a blue mu'umu'u like shown in the top picture. (And I think I sewed nearly every costume (except the ugly or wrongly made ones) in these pictures, by the way.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Contest winner gift - and some pictures of aprons

I mentioned in my weekly update that I made seven aprons. Here are a couple of pictures. They are both made from patterns I purchased. The first apron is called the Emmeline apron. I can hardly wait until her Lola apron pattern comes out! I will be all over that! The second pattern is just a McCall's.

This little honey is the gift UTAH won the drawing of the 100th post.

Yes, it IS reversible!!
I know, I know, I love it too!!

I can hardly wait to make some more! I think next time I will add pockets (too late now) so that it can be a crafter's apron, too. I also figured out how to make it for a woman who is larger than a size 8.

Larry says it will fit Heber, just right! Rachel didn't want her face in the picture. Silly girl.

Last but not least... the apron I made for Sari ...

Okay, so I made quite a few ... I love the rainbow of colors - and yes, these are all reversible, also. (Same color on the other side.)