Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So, I am having a small problem with making these - I can't stop.

I have just been using small scraps of yarn, but can see where I would want to actually invest in some green for the frog, instead of the camo stuff. The colors are off - the tongue is very dark red and the camp is more green than brown.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So, today I was talking to Utah and she said I was a domestic goddess, because I made a new purse. I had to laugh as I looked at my house. More like, domestic procrastinator. I get my best crafting done when there is something else I should be doing. Putting off scrubbing the kitchen floor = new purse, a fanny pack, and a new thing to try - fabric postcards! I am really excited about it as they have nearly instant gratification. Leave a comment and I'll mail you one :).
My new purse! Notice how the straps are already straining. I manage to fill whatever size bag I have. This even has a magnetic clasp and pockets inside! I am so proud of myself! The fabric isn't my favorite, but I had it on hand.

My favorite part of this photo is my head shadow! Other than that, it was my first time with machine applique and I hope to get better at it, because I will be the first to say, this is clearly lacking. I have some more, cuter ideas ... and it really is cute straight, it is just the angle or something.

I made a couple more today and now I am addicted! Thanks for commenting! Your postcards are coming!
This is a fanny pack style hip hugger tiny bag I made for Sari for Valentine's Day. I just crocheted it up last night while watching tv. It is just big enough to hold a cell phone, and some money, honey! Sari is just tiny.