Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My husband's cousin's wife is an amazing photographer.  Check her out here.  She is doing all of Rachel's wedding stuff and Ben's senior pictures.  So I thought I'd make her a couple of camera critter, lens pets, whaterr you want to call them.
Here's a lady bug with scary eyes.  I should have put more white on there.  I wanted it all black, white, and red to get newborn's attention.
And seriously - my owl will NOT LOAD STRAIGHT!  I don't know why.  This one was just for fun. I showed it my kids and one thought it was a peacock and the other a duck.  So maybe it's a stretch calling it an owl?
I pretty much just googled images and then drew my own pattern from what I saw, cut it out of felt, and sewed it on to those awful scrunchies from the 80's that WalMart still sells.  (At last!  A good use for them!)