Thursday, September 30, 2010


While I was in SLC I went to the Wood Connection and picked up a couple of crafts to get me through the Fall that is nonexistent here in Louisiana (and I really wouldn't care about that, except I love Fall most of all - the smell in the air, the sweater weather, the football games where you stomp your feet because it's too cold to take off your gloves, etc.).  These are just 2x6 blocks in different heights with vinyl letters of differing heights splatted down.  I painted the wood white, put down the letters, stained it hickory, then sprayed it with a finishing spray. I also painted my boring bulletin board sparkly turquoise a week or so ago and now I LOVE it.  Makes me happy every day.

This took second place for easiest because it had two vinyls which required some lining up.  It is HUMONGOUS - 12"x24".  My friend Julie is in charge of Relief Society education in my old ward in Spokane.  They do fun stuff ( here we don't - although I am not complaining - I have plenty of unfinished projects to finish. Plus, complainers get put in charge and I say "no, thank you" to that!). Anyway, Julie had a left over and hooked me up.  I love it, too.

Doing stuff like this makes me feel better about not doing other stuff, like laundry and dishes.