Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012


 The YW made these paper trees.  You just cut three sizes of circles out of paper, then cut a wedge out of the circle.  Glue it into a teepee.  Cut fringe in the bottom of the teepee and curl a little with a pencil.  This one isn't very curly.  Then string it on embroidery floss.  We had to tie knots to keep the papers where we wanted them, so they didn't just stack on top of each other.  The Young Women loved it and they did turn out so cute!
 We also made these ornaments as gifts.  They are glass balls and with sand and shells.  The poem says, "remember, remember try always to be as the One who walked the shores of Galilee".  BIG tip - glue the metal thingy on top onto the ornament because it WILL fall off and then you will have sand in your carpet.

I'm just sayin ...

I found these little felt people for a dollar at Target and I put them on a pillow.  Blogger is insisting they go on sideways.  What can you do?  It was a MAJOR pain to sew through the layers of felt and they were sticky backed which gummed up my needle big time.  Grr.  But now it is done and in storage to be enjoyed next year.  Haha!
 Also at Target, they had these felt trees, three for a dollar.  I was going to make mug rugs for my visit teachees with them, but that didn't work out.  Instead, I made these pillows.  They are the right size for my kids' heads.  I backed them with some snowflake flannel king size pillow cases that were still new.  I did wonder under these one, but at the last minute decided to sew around the edges.  I am glad that I did because the felt and the wonderunder were not good friends.
 I couldn't decided between the colors.
I think that I will send one to my daughter :).
Anyhoo ... that's a few of the things I've done.  I have more to put on here as soon as I get my act together.