Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am desperately trying to finish up some promised crafties before we leave to Utard (or Yucktah - as I call it in the summer because it is sooo hot.)

Here is an apron for Rayleen. She has never had one! Poor girl. I loved the cheery red and white polka dots and I hope she does too. (Larry said it looks like Minnie Mouse. I hope that Rayleen doesn't think so.)

When Rachel models an apron, it looks a lot better! This is for Teilani.

I love this little fairy peeking out of her mushroom:

Here is her full body shot. The mushroom is also a purse. I am making a tree with a squirrel and then a tower with Rapunzel, too. The possibilities are endless. This was supposed to go to Jean but she is leaving on Monday and I haven't mailed it yet, so we will see...

I am so addicted to making these. I just LOVE these burpies and they are headed for a knocked up chick in Reno who could use a little cheering up and cooling off, I can only help in one of those areas. I love the owl fabric. It looks very Japanese to me!

Now if I can just get to the Post Office to mail all this (and more!) I will be in good shape!


  1. Whoa to all of it! To all the aprons and crafties, to the toothpick in the foot (ouch!), Jean leaving on Monday! WHOA! She is going to have a BIG adventure!

    When are you coming?? I'm so excited to see you! And yes, it is hot. I'm ready for fall. Um, you're suposed to be helping me find a job in Spokane so I can return to my native land--and less heat. (Richland is too hot too!)

  2. Your burp clothes are so cute! Talia has been making those too and I just love the fun fabrics! Do you have an esty shop? I love your little mushroom fairies too! Unfortunately I am craft challenged so I just admire other peoples stuff!

    Have a good trip even if it is to Utah :)

  3. You are steroidal crafty, or maybe hormonal crafty, everything is tremendously cute. My Dad is up for a week, summer is flying by. I should go to womens conf. someday, haven't done that or ed. week yet. My conversion may not be complete! See you when you get back, Terri