Monday, October 17, 2011


Oh, but first, the baby - out of a sock.  I made her in a bunting for the cutest little girl ever.
Do you remember back in the day - the little crocheted purses that were also a bassinet?  My friend asked me to make one for her adorable granddaughter.  I think she was remembering several years ago when I made this.
Anyway, this time I made it a bassinet, not a mushroom.  I also couldn't find the fairy pattern, so I looked around and finally copied a doll I saw on Pinterest.  You pull the straps and the bassinet becomes a little purse to carry your baby around in.
Here she is all nestled snug in her bed.  I made her a little mattress to firm up the bottom of the bed but it was just ehhhh so no pics.

Once I was hooking again, it was a slippery slope to more projects.  Especially when my oldest texted me a picture of some hats that a lady sells at her work and asked me which one she should buy.  I said, "Neither!  I will make you one."  So I did:
I pretty much winged it and I am not loving it, but my daughter assures me it is fabulous.  At one time I bought a newsboy pattern on Etsy.  I just need to find where I saved it so I can make it again.

Then I saw a "new" pattern everyone is raving about called Alligator or Crocodile Scales.  I think I remember this from about 30 years ago, but I had to make an ear warmer right away.  I call it sunflower, because with the dark hair on top, it looks like a sunflower. Right?
And then ...
Last but not least, I got a free pattern from Maybe Matilda for participating in the Cowl Along and I got this one - a basketweave earwarmer with a cute huge flower.  The flash blanked out the white basketweave, but you can sort of see it on the side.  I put a huge orange button in the middle of the flower.  I pretty much love it.  


  1. While I think the needle work is good and colorful, "I" think the model deserves some recognition as well. She totally makes your handy work look even better. ;-))).


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