Tuesday, November 25, 2008


IF we were to be vandals, we would do this to our Ute-fan friend's yard:

And we would expect this in return:

And we would have gotten this:

IF you were to do this, these are the supplies you need:
Note - it is nice to use Professional Marking Paint, designed just for grass! How very thoughtful of someone to think of that.

Be sure to discard your empties and used in a public garbage can.

Again, all hypothetical.


  1. Hypothetical my $%^#&^! You crack me up. I watched that game and thought about you. I was actually on your side in a way. I wanted the Cougars to win, but I wanted Utah to keep their undefeated streak going. AND the QB for Utah is one of my employee's nephews. So, there is that too... But I was wondering what your response to that NICE performance by BYU would be!!!!! No crying.

  2. :) LOVE IT!! Too bad there aren't any Utah fans here to tease. :)

  3. Paul told me you texted him and were asking hypothetical legal questions. That is so fun. Its good to have friends like the Grovers that you can banter with friendly.

  4. Man wish I had thought of doing that to our friends who are HUGE Utah fans here! Bummer that we lost! :(
    My sister in Ogden was texting us during the game loving that BYU was losing! Kinda funny.

  5. i'm so glad you shared pictures...i 'm impressed with the job!

  6. Funny add on story Tif, I once was able to track down a guy who had tagged a park because when he did discard his used cans in a public garbage can, he did it in the bag he bought them in still containing the receipt, with his information on it. So you may want to add to discard it without the receipt.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Jason. IF we did this we would for sure pay cash.