Friday, July 4, 2008


This year I wrapped miniature candy bars in these wrappers I got for free from Lettering Delights. It was super fast and easy. I am going to do it more often!


  1. That looks like SOOOOO much fun! We had volleyball, too, but not in a tree-covered yard--and we didn't have a lake, except for the small one made by all the water running off the waterslide onto my parent's lawn. ;-)

    I seriously have to start job hunting in Spokane--it is so beautiful!

    Love all the pics--it looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. I loved the Pughs and the fourth of July celebration. They didn't make Italian sodas when we were there, is that a new tradition?

    I love the picture of Rachel with all the young men surrounding her. That truly is the story of her life.
    Mandi Grimes is getting married? When? Who asked me? I cannot believe how much things change when you move away. Also speaking of change, Stephanie Jones looks better with more weight on her face. She looks so skinny that she has to jump around the shower to get wet. Not a good look, ask Calista Flockhart.
    I am glad you had a fabulous 4th. I thought of you and miss all our Spokane friends.

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a great 4th. Thanks again for sharing so we can enjoy the events with you.

  4. OK, forgot to comment on the fish that Joseph caught. You failed to mention what type of fish they were! The one looks large. Way to go Joseph. I can see you are following in an old Hathaway way of catching lots of fish. Sorry that your Gpa H is the one in the family out of line.

  5. so THAT'S where everyone in our ward was! haha!
    The Kwon babies are so freakin cute I want to munch on their toes and I love the picture of Rachel, lucky girl has got her pick there! I didn't realize she was the only girl her age... of course with only little ones I don't keep track of the youth that well.

    Glad you had a great 4th!

    Hope your earache is feeling better :)

  6. That looked like fun, fun, fun. We miss Spokane. We usually come there to Komm's cabin for the 4th except in the last two years. Last year we went to Finland and this year Finland (9 people) came to us.
    Maybe we get to come up for Labor Day.

  7. So much fun. I love summer lake days and the 4th of July. Your pictures captured it all so well. That one of Rachel with all the boys around her cracked me up. Somehow I think even if she wasn't the only girl, they would still swarm around her.

  8. This is in response to the comment left on my blog because if you're like me, you always forget to click that little "Email follow-up comments" box. :-)

    My parents live in Saratoga Springs--same place we do. Just not in the same house. Yet. I told them we're moving in soon. Ha.

    And I forgot to say those little candy covers are adorable.

  9. Wow, how fun! I loved the year we were in your ward. The 4th at the Pugh's was a great memory. We were just talking about it on the 4th this year, thinking about what we've done in year's past.

    I can't believe Mandi's getting married! Wow! I'll expect an update on here when it all happens.

    Glad you had fun! Oh and I LOVED seeing the picture of everyone. We saw the Pughs adn Stokers at Allison's reception in Utah, but that's the last time we've seen anyone from that ward. Fun to have a peek.

  10. Okay, so I had to check the picture again after Kristina's comment, I didn't even recognize Stephanie. The first time I looked at it, I thought maybe it was a new person in the ward. I didn't even think to look at Alan.

  11. How FUN! What an awesome place to share! Hope you are all well and healthy :)

  12. Fantastic candy bars, are they kosher?