Thursday, February 24, 2011


I wanted to make St. Patrick's Day shirts for the kids and since the iron-on stuff here DOES NOT WORK (ACK!!!!! so many ruined projects!) reliably (is it the humidity?), I had to sew.  I went to Cafe Press for some inspiration and found what I was looking for.

Today I made the Littles these Sham Rock shirts for St. Patrick's Day (and good news!  they are Mardi Gras appropriate!)

I bought the shirts at Old Navy (on clearance) and then cut up one of Rachel's Guarantee Girls cleaning shirts (Larry says that's very "sustainable" of me).  I used Old English Text MC and made the letters about 3" tall and traced them, reversed, onto Wonder Under.  
I used this shamrock from a blog (and I can't find it!  Rats! If you know where I got it please tell me) that I had saved to my images folder.  I made it into a guitar.  First I ironed on the letters and then I top-stitched around everything and put the knobs and strings on the guitar.
It took longer than I thought to do all that sewing,  but in the end, I'm pretty happy with the result.  I like it so much, I'm going to make a pillow ... sham.

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