Monday, January 31, 2011


A few years ago I made Rachel a wrap around towel for after her showers.  It's worn out and she needs a new one so I made her and Sari one.  They are super easy!
Sari's is just like this, except it's turquoise and has the letter "S".  Crazy.  I know.
The initials are on the outside pockets.
I ran the washcloth to the inside of the towel and there is a pocket there also.
I sewed a strip of fabric together and made a loop so it is easier to hang.  The top has elastic in a casing across the back and velcro in the front to hold it on.  (Verrrrrry important.)

Making it is the easy part.  Getting to the post office to mail it ... that is the part that gives me a hard time.

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