Thursday, April 16, 2009


Because my house is a wreck, the laundry out of control, I am behind on hula sewing, and the kids played behind the couch and knocked down my fabric bins (I can't push my couch back to the wall right now), I have bookclub at my house tonight, and I have to leave at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning for Baton Rouge (let's pause a moment to give props to Mom and Dad Sant who came up last minute like to stay with the kids), I decided to sew a tote for the trip:

This is hands down my FAVORITE tote of all time. I love love LOVE it! It is huge, but not too huge and it has four outside pockets. I added a zipper pocket to the inside, I so LOVE sewing inside zipper pockets! I also love the fabric - can you see the little birds on the background fabric? So cute!


  1. Rachel's answer back is THE best, made me laugh! And I love her dress too! She will look lovely and they will have a great time!
    I love your bag too, soo cute! and I am glad you have your priorities :)

    Sounds like BR can't be tooo horrible... hey, they have a Temple right? And some nice weather for a day or 2? Did Larry have a seafood stuffed po'boy? sounds tasty!

    So on one of those 2 days that you are home between now and May are we gonna get some VT in?

  2. o haha that was so funny to read the comment from your visiting teaching companion! how do you fit that all in?
    i am so surprised to hear you use patterns for the purses. they just look so unique and so you. of course i have never made a purse before...but i really can't stand patterns. i have to just make stuff up. but i am just in love with the purse. and hey, if you tweak it just enough (like by adding zipper pockets and stuff) you should sell them on etsy!!
    congrats rach on the date.. i'm sure we will be seeing those pics like the next day- right tif?

  3. I loved Rachel's answer. I feel like I'm being sneaky hearing my brother's date's mom's side of the story but it's totally legit since we are "blogging buddies." Besides, Ben doesn't fill me in on all the details like a girl would. Sounds like your day was busy. Glad you found a dress and that things are coming all together.

    Do you sell your totes? You should. Ever been on

  4. I think her answer back was great!! And I love those dresses!! Davids Bridal sure does have cute ones! Wow u are so busy! I feel guilty that you are offering to make sleeves on my dress for the wedding in June!!
    Have a blast on trip!! :)

  5. By the way...
    you have been complaining a heck of a lot about it being cold... and the snow...
    does it even snow in baton rouge? plus, I bet it is only like a days drive for me...
    make sure you post lotsa pics of the trip, and drop me an e-mail and lemme know the latest.

  6. Rachel is beautiful and she will have such a great time! Again, I'm super-duper impressed with your craftiness!

    I hope you have a wonderful time in LA. I hope you love it enough to move there. We'll be over to visit the weekend after you move in. LOL

  7. Okay, I am the only one missing something? Are you moving to Baton Rouge??? or is that a totally dumb question...
    That would put you closer to us :)
    We're about 3 hours from Nauvoo...

  8. I love Rachel's answer. That was funny! I think it is amazing that you were able to find a dress in one shopping trip - and that you can see it with sleeves. I looked up the company website - and noticed they have an office in Springfield, MO. That's not a bad area to live in....

  9. Are you moving there?

    Rachel looks great in the dress. I can't wait to see the pictures with her beautiful face. How fun that she is going with Ben.