Thursday, February 5, 2009

A PURSE and a mouse

I finally found a bag that I can live with, love even, that doesn't match my shirt (yellow and gray bag) so I don't have to change my bag if I am wearing the shirt.

I adore the colors:

I made up my own pattern, more or less, and I think it turned out okay. I should start writing notes to myself so I can do it again and not make the same mistakes, twice.
I love seeing polkadots when I open my bag and I love my pen slots.
Now that I know how to make a zippered pocket, I am completely addicted.


Sari had friends over to make cupcakes for some cupcake choir contest. The girls did EVERYTHING themselves. I didn't help with even one thing. They did a good job. The cupcakes are decorated like mice. Alyssa, Sari, and Iris.
Here's the presentation cupcake - the rest are to share with the class.


  1. I think the fabric you used for that bag is my favorite so far. And the cupcakes are adorable! Definitely some creative genius in the Sant house!

  2. Cute bag! Are you sharing the pattern??? Adorable cupcakes :)

  3. I LOVE the colors of the bag--I think it's my favorite! And the cupcakes turned out so cute! What was the contest for?

  4. Love your bag, love the fabric, love all the little pockets, love it!

    Cute cupcakes too! I'm impressed!

  5. Those cupcakes are so cute! Great job, girls!
    And I love your bag! You could sell stuff on Etsy with how crafty you are!

  6. Your bag is ultra sassy I love it. You are so talented, its a good thing you are so nice or we couldn't be friends.

    Sari's cupcakes are so cute. I am seriously so impressed. I want to make those for my kids birthday treat for their class.

  7. Super cute bag! Love it!! And way cute cupcake! very creative!

  8. Tif- are you going to start selling this stuff? I'm considering it for my stuff so you totally need to! I'll help ya think of cute names for your etsy shop:) Make sure you put a link to it on your blog. And the stuff you list on ebay:)