Friday, September 12, 2008

Reusable shopping bag

The one with the orange trim is what they look like all folded up in their little case so you can toss it in your car, purse, diaper bag, man's man bag, or what have you. These bags hold three 2- liter bottes just fine. They were the prototype and I think that I have gotten better at making them - but these are what will be going out ... at some point! I love the khaki toile print and they are sewn in french seams so they should be nice and strong!

Thanks for participating! It was fun for me to read all the comments!


  1. Ok, You are like that too. Come on now... Look at all the things that you do?! I on the other hand.. if it can be bought.. just show me where to get it!!!! :) The hurricane will hit in the next 15 hours or so... I will keep you posted...

  2. Talk about crafty!! I think you were describing yourself when you described your sister-in-law!! Where did you get the pattern for those adorable bags? Too cute!!

  3. I can't believe Rachel is 17! She's not far behind me! Looks like for birthdays you go big or go home! I bet she loved it! And hair products .. can get so expensive! So good work on getting that for a gift! And the new grocery bags! So cute! I have a million plastic grocery bags also that just keep piling up ..

  4. WOW! Soooo excited!!!! And I get a dolphin! You ROCK!! I never win anything! :) But I am still just so amazed with you're talents! All the bags, clothes , animals etc you make! Thanks!

    p.s I miss the wymount days!

  5. Yipee! That is one cute bag Tif :)! I will happily use it!
    And as far as crafty goes, well, I don't know how you get all that you do done. My projects sit around for quite some time these days.
    Thanks - I'll be checking the mail with anticipation...

  6. You are CRAFTY! What darling bags. Ok I definitely back you up on Trina's abilities to make anything amazing. Yet I am starting to think you can do the magic as well!!

  7. GET OUT! Am I getting one of those?!?! I am SOOOOO excited! WOO HOO!

    And for the record, I do work at Stampin' Up! but I am NOT even close to as talented as you are! I just have to WRITE about all the cute things people make (and sometimes not-so-cute); I don't actually make any of them. ;-)