Monday, May 5, 2008

Answer to Prom

Rachel answered Clay’s prom invitation. It turned out to be a huge pain. We were planning to make little jello cupcakes and put in little cut-out laminated words saying yes through some cute poem we made up. But it didn’t work. The jello wouldn't set up hard enough (I guess I don't know how to make jello.) It took ALL NIGHT on Monday! Finally sometime after 11:00 p.m. I went to Albertsons and bought the jello pre-made and we stuck the laminate words in. Oh, and I ran out of laminate, because we had to rewrite the poem because they don't make blue jello in the pre-packaged kind so I had to peel the excess off the roll and stick it together myself. Rachel and Ben drove over to Clayton's house before 6 a.m. and dropped it off on his front porch so he would see it on the way to his car. I hear that he liked it.


  1. WOW, your weeks are so eventful. I thought I was busy, but I forget that having kids makes it about 50 times more busy. You are a great inspiration. I probably won't ever have the opportunity, but at least when I think my life is hectic, I can just read about yours. You have a great family. I hope I can say hi when I come home next weekend.

    Love ya Niki

  2. Oh and ummm I knew you'd rock on your talk. "I am so happy." Lady
    Kluck from Robin Hood

  3. What was your assignment?
    Your Dad... and your house looks great!
    The heat and humidity here would make overalls a death sentence - Do the girls have a say in things??
    Can't wait to see the dress.

  4. Ok today at lunch this guy Ryan Larson said, "your mom was SO FUNNY in stake conference. I have not seen my parents laugh like that in years HAHAHA."
    And you should know, Ryan is like the most shy, quiet, don't talk to girls or compliment ANYONE type of guy in the world. So if he said that, you know she did a good job.


  5. Sounds like things fell into place perfectly! Wish I could have been there to hear your talk. It sounds like it was fabulous! I can't wait to see Sari's prom dress!!!!!!

  6. I wish I could have been there to hear you speak--I knew you'd do great! I love all the pics of the kids working--my sister-in-law recorded her 4 year old daughter doing dishes saying "I will ahways do da dishes, even when I'm a teenagew." It's so cute, and now she has evidence!! Can't wait to Rachel's dress, and I love how she answered. Love the curtains, too!

  7. I just love all the pictures of your kids doing housework! That's why we have them, right? ;)
    Glad you got this week out of the way...but I'm sure you have another one coming up that just as busy! You're superwoman!

  8. 1) Overalls are such a bad idea for camp. Have they even thought that the straps will fall into the biffy's when they have to use them?

    2) Love the pictures of your little Cinderello's and la's (appropriate endings in Spanish). Good of them to help out their hardworking mom.

    3) We'd love to have Matthew come play another time. He's such a sweet kid, but I think Kat is crushing on Daniel.

    4) I cracked up at President Lattin kicking/nudging/hinting to the "20 minute speaking sister." I saw Pres. Wells tonight and he retold what he knew about the story and was laughing and turning red.

    5) Beware of the high council. How busy you are depends on the assignment. Mike was soooo busy when he worked with he was over the YM/YW--going to all dances, planning the TREK, etc. Larry's going to be great.

    6) Your talk really was great. I appreciated how well organized it was, the way you reflect back to points already made, and describing the spiritual goals you set. You truly have inspired me to try to rise earlier in the mornings.

    7) Thanks for the compliments about the choir. I really think it turned out well. Unfortunately the microphones only picked up a few voices to transmit to the Francis Bldg. and Pres. Wells said the sound was like a really bad ward choir. Of course, he knew the truth: that we rocked!

    8) I think we need to go to lunch at Tomato Street (drink freely from the bread drenched in garlic butter) to celebrate our Stake Conference successes!

  9. Love the family cleaning the house. I am inspired now to really let my kids help me more. It is so hard when you know you can do it better...but, I need to follow your example!! The jello idea was great, brought back memories of trying to be creative with stuff like that in high school. Great job with your talk. I bet you are glad that is over. Do they even sell overalls anymore?

  10. Kuddo's to the kids! The Jello looked cute. Really cute idea.
    I am sure you are just a great speaker. You have that outgoing fun personality so I can only imagine how well you're talk went!
    Glad you got a dress for Rachel .

  11. I love reading your posts, your kids seem so nice! And not just because they were all cleaning the house for you :)

    I have to second the overalls being soo out! She's kidding right? I would be protesting that one!

    We've been making bets around our house that it would be Bishop Sant... guess we lost that one, dang! hmm, is it wrong to make bets on church callings?

    oh, by the way, are you really not suppose to have rootbeer with braces?? oops! I think I am in trouble!

  12. Response from Tifani -
    1- I know, I know about the overalls. I can't even find any at Goodwill. AND they will fall in the biffy!
    2- The girls do have a say in things as long as they are wearing overalls to say it.
    3- Drinking freely of the buttery garlic bread sounds great

    AND finally, (and perhaps most important):

    To Trista,

    First of all - WHO is "we"?

    Second, have you met his wife? He'd be a great bishop but his wife is a nut-case.

    Third - MY bet is on Garth Johnson (he's been in the high council for more than 6 months already) or Rick Pugh. Stephanie Jones likes Brother Cordell for it. (I don't think there is anything wrong with betting, as long as you take the loser (the person who gets the calling) out to Didiers.
    Fourth - any more comments like that and you will find yourself blocked from my blog, missy! ;) I thought we were friends, how could you even THINK of such a thing?

  13. If the girls can't get out of the overall's idea, D.I has tons of them! Sad, not even people that shop at D.I want them anymore! do you guys have D.I there? Anyway, I hope strong opposition will get them out of that one! thanks for always sharing so much on your posts. I want to start adding more detail and info in mine, you always inspire me to do better! Glad you made it through the week!

  14. OK, time for Dad to add the true comments!!!! The talk was great and on time. Larry will do great on the HC. Doing the Geocaching with the Gkids is loads of fun and we get to see some wonderful area. Finding two treasures this time makes up for not finding the one we looked for last time and could not find. We enjoyed the weekend and were very sad to leave. The kids did a great job of cleaning the house and I enjoyed doing the window shopping with Ben. It was a good but way too short of a weekend.
    Love you guys.

  15. You did WELL on your talk! Or your talk was good. :-)

    Loved the pics--skimmed the text in my desire to catch up on the Sant family! Looks like you've been having some really fun adventures.

  16. You did WELL on your talk! Or your talk was good. :-)

    Loved the pics--skimmed the text in my desire to catch up on the Sant family! Looks like you've been having some really fun adventures.