Friday, December 7, 2007


This week Larry had a work related function at another office. This office does a Christmas gift thing where everyone brings in a homemade ornament, and then they have a silent auction and all the proceeds go to the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. Kind of a good idea. So, I spent Tuesday searching for ornament ideas that weren't dumb or made with pipe cleaners (those never look as good as the pictures!). Finally I made this one (pictured below) and a Swedish heart out of similar paper. We put some Dove chocolates in the Swedish heart and a note that explained them (thanks mom, for teaching me about these). To my UTTER shock the Swedish heart won the best in show award! (Trying and failing to think of the quote from a Christmas Story where the dad wins a very special award and it is the leg lamp - Utah, what is it?????) I thought this ball was cooler, but it just shows, chocolate makes everything better
That's right, TWENTY little circles all cut and folded just so and glued together. Just call me Martha. Martha Molly Mormon Stewart No Insider Trading Thank You. I thought hanging it on a wire with beads at both ends was a great touch. If I had had more time, I would have sprayed it with glitter spray.


  1. WOW! Lots to comment on! I like the brag letters, but appreciate them more when they're short and sweet! :) LOVE the ornament and the Simpsons characters. I've heard you can have real bobbleheads made of yourself and that makes a good Christmas Card picture too.
    Congrats to Daniel on his Birthday and his braces!! I'm still new to the family and haven't heard the WHOLE story about him but I know he's quite the miracle.

  2. Oh my. I'll have to read that all again. When you catch up, you really catch up. The ornament is beautiful--I really like your choice of fabrics/patterns. I really want to try. I can't imagine the braces ordeal for Daniel. He (and all of you for that matter) has been through so much. What a miracle that boy is. Kat would love the Sponge Bob legos. We're watching the movie AGAIN right now.

  3. Love the Christmas tree ornament. That is seriously cool lookin'. Daniel's mouth looks painful and it hurts for me to look at it. I cannot believe that he is ten already. We were there when he was baptized. Time sure does fly. I love that you Simpsonized your family. I think that is too fun.

  4. Wow you really caught up!! I love the Simpson family!

    And I love that you did a poll for the x-mas letter etc. I personally love getting a letter or something to see what has gone on plus some kind of picture .

    Happy late Birthday to Daniel. I just think he is so special and sweet. I remember in wymount I just loved watching him, he is an angel on earth. So sweet.