Friday, November 9, 2007


Yes, there is another man in my life. That man would be Donny Osmond, whom I have loved since I was about ... well ... six years old! Let's evaluate his possible influence on my life:

A- Purple has been my favorite color my WHOLE life!
B- Three of my four serious boyfriends had dark, wavy hair. (Although it is straight in the above picture, it was wavy during my formative years.)
C- All four serious boyfriends could sing.
D- Larry, the fourth serious boyfriend (and winner of my heart)- has curly brown hair, a fabulous voice, AND he can dance!

Today I broke a rule of mine and watched "Oprah" because, well, my first favorite boy band was on. Who can't love the Osmonds? I don't want to know if you can't.

On the Oprah show, the Osmonds were very sweet. They bore their testimonies about eternal life and eternal families. They were sweet and supportive to each other. The tributes they paid to their mother and father were so sweet. When Marie said that she wished her parents could raise every young man in the world, that she has great brothers, I was nearly teary. They danced (they can still move in unison!) and they sang and it was just a great, feel good show! I was so glad that I watched in instead of taking a nap.

I thought (again) how it is so ironic that this "tragedy" that two deaf sons is the blessing that started the Osmonds on the road to stardom. Of course, none of them are perfect, but it didn't come off that way.

Then, as icing on my cake, they ended the show with their trademark song, "May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day ..." I seriously did get teary.

Memories - sitting in the yellow beanbag chair in the Holbrook house, watching the show with all my siblings. Acting the show out afterwards. Using the yellow and orange string lights as spotlights. I totally wanted to be able to rollerskate like they did. I could go on and on but Rachel wants to post her tribute on Facebook :) - successful parenting!! She loves Donny, too!

For my birthday two years ago, Sari, me, Rachel, and Utah saw DONNY in Concert in Spokane. Oh my gosh!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!! He can totally dance for a grandpa, for anyone for that matter! It was a great night! We made the shirts just for the concert and EVERYONE loved them. I should have brought more and sold them on the side, I would have made a fortune. (That might have been illegal?)


  1. Dang it! I was going to watch that today instead, I was busy playing with the kids since they are on fall break! Geesh now I'm bummed! I even was going to tevo it last night because I knew I would forget about it and sure enough I did!
    Sounds like it was awesome.

  2. Okay, so I don't normally watch Oprah, but my mom does and whenver she calls me at 3:15 Pacific time(4:15 MST)I know she is calling to tell me there is a great Oprah on. She has been calling me all week to remind me to watch today. I DVR-ed it because Abby had ballet, and sure enough on my way at 3:15, she called again to remind me to watch it. Anyway, I thought of you the whole time, and thought, Oh I hope she's watching! Glad you saw it. I loved how they bore their testimonies of eternal families and it was fun to see all the different family members. My kids loved that the "Joseph guy" was on tv. I kept thinking, if she saw it, I'm sure she'll blog about it. So glad you did!

  3. Memries,
    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty water-colored memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures..... That is for our night at the concert and it's also from can you name the movie with Tom Hanks. O.K. I loved the concert picture. My hair is so short. I loved Oprah too. I am glad you gave me the heads up because I don't normally watch Oprah. I too loved how they bore their testimonies of eternal families. Donny is hot for almost being 50. Holy Smokes.

  4. Tifani, how did you get your family picture up there so perfectly? Every time I try, it blows it up to extremely large proprtions where you can only see our nose hairs. What's the secret?

  5. That's really funny cuz today I watched that episode! (I DVR every Oprah) We loved it so much that we had my mom come over to watch it. We all thought it was great and I love that Oprah loved the doll Marie gave to her. It looked so much like her!

  6. You are so hilarious! I can totally relate to the way Donny influenced your life, me too! I had the Donny "barbie" and it had purple socks, so true to life. I can't believe that I missed the Oprah show! I planned on watching it, I guess I can watch it at Missy's sometime. My first kiss was with Donny on his album cover! I actually saw him once. he was in a car right next to us at a drive in movie! He saw me staring at him and then moved his car! I guess he didn't want to be bothered! He is such a babe! I AM ACTIVITIES CHAIRPERSON TOO! What are you doing for your Christmas party?

  7. Jodi, I am SO jealous, I always wanted the Donny doll! I never did get one. Maybe I will look for one on EBay. I can't believe you have the same calling as me! For our ward party, we are having a breakfast and we are doing a decorate and eat your own waffle bar, live Nativity, Mrs. Claus reading a story to the kids, and snowflake making center (no glitter, just paper and scissors). We will have a ppp slide show of previous ward activities showing silently in the line for food, and Christmas carols in the background. Our centerpieces are going to be flocked pinecones on red squares on white table clothes.

    Amy, I think it is slightly funny that I knew you for, like, a year, before you moved and you knew how much I adore Donny. :)

    Utah, I totally forgot to put in the blog that we were sitting next to the STRANGEST, CREEPIEST Donny-fan ever!

  8. Tif. You must find the Donny and Marie dolls on ebay. They're out there. I know, I've looked. Our Donny doll had a serious "car accident" and was a left arm amputee but he was married to scar-face Barbie. Marie had an unfortunate haircut which I blamed on the real Marie who had the audacity to cut her hair. (Remember the rose behind the ear?) Anyway, I saw the Oprah with Marja and I cried. Must say, the only Oprah I've ever watched all the way through.

  9. ok first you need to see this Wierd AL video... and yes that is Donny.
    Then watch the green screen take for only the Donny part its hilarious:
    Love the Donny!!!

  10. Tif,

    I totally missed the Oprah show. I was running kids everywhere. But, like you my childhood was a reflection of the "Donny and Marie" show. However, my favorite song was "I'm a little bit country". I also LOVED purple because of Donny. I even painted my walls purple! I had every poster of him and when we made a visit to Utah, (I know you will find this so hard to believe) we tracked them down and went to their houses for pics and autographs.

  11. Hey Snookie,

    We LOVE the white and nerdy video! Rachel does a great imitation! This video rocks, I think I will add it to the front page of my blog!

    Love, Tif

    PS Snaps to you for picking up the extra cocomotion. I gave your money to mom and dad. Let me know if they don't pay you, I can send someone out to "take care of that". You know that we haven't let you circumsize anyone since that incident with the cat...