Friday, September 9, 2011


I like to stalk the blog Maybe Matilda.  (I also want to get my hair all chopped again - like hers - when I have the time to get it trimmed every month, because seriously, the short hair requires CONSTANT upkeep!).  Anyway, she has cute stuff.

She is having a Crochet Along and I haven't crocheted in forever so I thought I'd join.  I made the timeout cowl the next day.  It goes up very quickly and I love the tealishy-green color of it!  I twisted it into an infinity scarf.  All of the info is at her blog (along with a TON of other cute things) so go check it out!

I thought about sending it to my daughter who lives where it gets cold to use but my youngest son wears it as a turban-star-wars-weapon-holder, a splint for a faux broken arm, and as a restraint-like burrito wrap and so maybe I'll just keep it.


  1. Hahaha! Oh dear, I guess this is what's in store for my as my baby boy gets older . . . my cowls will become splints and burrito wraps ;-) You did a great job! I also love the color--blues and greens are probably my favorite. Thanks so much for joining in--I love your cowl!

  2. LOL! Love that your son has found a fun use for it!! :0) Great job, I wanted to twist mine, too, but I forgot to before I sewed it together.

  3. You made me laugh. I can just see the Star Wars versatile cowl equipment. How can you ever get it away from him?

  4. Preciosa capucha y gran utilidad la de su hijo.