Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GALLETS - waffle cookie recipe

I got this recipe from a nice couple in our ward, the DuPapes. She said that it came from Belgium with her husband's family in the late 1890's. I didn't think they had waffle irons back then, but maybe they had panini makers or plain old grills. I don't know. In any case, here's the recipe:

12 eggs
3 cups of sugar
1 POUND of butter, softened
2 oz. vanilla
1/3 tsp. cream of tartar
7 - 9 cups of flour

Cream everything except the flour, then add the flour one cup at a time until you get a sticky, thick dough.

Drop by spoonfuls (I use my small Pampered Chef icecream scooper-thingy) on the hot waffle iron, in the middle of the squares. Set the done to medium but check to see how your waffle iron does.

Eat 'em warm, eat 'em cold, but eat 'em you will! Also, be sure to store them air-tight, they dry out really fast.

I asked Rachel and Ben to please take a picture of the gallets in the waffle iron and when I went to download the picture this was the only one on the camera:

Sorry you missed it folks! Ben asked me to remove the picture. Suffice it to say, it was NOT a picture of waffles.

And people wonder why I have a tic in my left eye.


  1. Yummy! I love new recipes!!
    LOL Ben!

  2. This recipe looks like it can feed an army of hungry wolves. Thanks. I'll try them with my cinnamon cream syrup, because I'm not fat enough.

  3. All this time I thought I had to pump iron to get muscles like that! If I only knew you could use a waffle iron... I think I will go make me a batch right now :)

  4. I so love Belguim waffles with strawberries all over them... yumm...

  5. We love waffles!! I will have to try this recipe. Also I left a comment under our family picture!! I'm glad you got a little laugh out of it. Some people just thought we were very wierd!! Also... is that timer for going to DC for you? We use to live there and miss it so much we hope to go back some day!! You'll have a blast.

  6. Yum! Looks like a good thing to make on a rainy day for after school snacking:) Thanks for sharing. And, I want to know what the picture was!

  7. You cook too? Shut Up! I'm still trying to figure out your secret.

  8. Thanks for posting the recipe, I'm going to try these today!!

  9. Shoot! I want to see! (Email it to me...I won't tell Ben.) ;-)